Authors say the darnedest things (?)

J.A. Jance (a mystery write whom I enjoy) wrote this on her facebook page

To me, the two "first"s make no sense together. My wife thinks it’s fine, that Jance is saying, perfectly clearly, that she watched a complete game for the first time since she did it in 1958. I can accept that she might mean that, but I still don’t see how she is saying that. What think you?

(I like JA Jance’s books, but I had never visited her facebook page. That post just showed up in my news feed.)

New thread since it’s not Political, and I do not know if she’s a Republican or Democrat.

it isn’t about understanding the sentence, it is about flow, and ease of reading. Reading Steinbeck currently, love the word usage. Creating an image.

Replace “my first” with “a”

i agree, i needed to look at it almost like a double negative, did it mean something other than i initially read

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I understood it just fine, but PZ’s fix is also what I thought of to make it clearer.

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It’s not confusing. It’s clunky.

Not what you’d like to see from an author, but it’s a social media post.

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i missed it was FB.

no editor for social media. Sometimes you start to say one thing. change your thought and don’t start from scratch, but awkwardly edit.

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There’s more leeway for clunky writing in a FB post, imo…but it did seem to come from a committee meeting of the Department of Redundancy Dept.

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Professional authors work with professional editors.

I’m often redundantly redundant in first draft.