Asian Americans Education vs Income

More education ==> more income
More income ==> more education

More importantly, Indians are killing it

Can I just nitpick and say this is really just East Asians, I was keen to see how Lebanese compared

although notably where is the data from anyway?

equally important, they’re all above the median household income

Makes sense. The high income groups are here because they come in on h1b and student visas.

The low income groups are here because they are refugees from war so we didn’t filter for the smart ones.

It seems incomprehensively high to me for Indians. It’s more than double the US average, according to wikipedia which sources US census data

I think most asian households (well, most young households nowadays are, but asians probably more so) are dual income.
Indians dominate the tech industry, especially engineering. Entry level software engineers make like 150k right out of school. Even if not in tech, I’d imagine many of them make six figures after a while.

Thing is, if they don’t make it in the US, they probably just move back to their home country, like many east asians

It seems incomprehensively high to me for any recent graduate. just told me :" The average salary for a entry level software engineer is $40,341 per year in the United States."

Does that account for bonus and stock? That seems low.

But I guess because I live in tech central I’m mostly talking about google/amazon and the like.

Salaries for Entry-Level Software Engineers

Apple Microsoft Google IBM Oracle
Salary $118,810 $105,747 $124,009 $91,357 $127,450
Stock $27,119 $28,650 $42,660 $286 $32,500
Bonus $14,619 $21,378 $21,417 $4,214 $4,000

Favorable bias from how “they” get here: flying, which is expensive, so the immigrants we get from East Asia are more likely to be better off in the first place. Compared with, say, Mexicans and Central Americans. So, the latters start off here poorer and less educated in the first place.

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I know a lot of software engineers, that’s most of who i hang out with. The higher starting salaries look right to me. :woman_shrugging:

I would replace “smart” with “successful”, but yes, the Indians who are here are mostly first generation people who came on H1B and student visas, and if they aren’t doing reasonably well, they are likely to return to India.

The Hmong are mostly refugees, and many were farmers before they got here, and don’t have easy-to-market skills.

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Assuming this is US only, I would also add (maybe not accurately) that Indians are most likely to have the highest percentage that are English fluent, particularly upon arrival

Reminds me of the story about how lucrative it was to be a University of North Carolina geology dropout in the 1980s. The average annual salary for those people was about 3.5M per year.

My point is that you stated that the average entry level salary for software engineers was about 150,000 per year and as proof you show the salary structure for the tippy-top flight software companies that probably only take the top 1% of all software engineer graduates. When you talk about “average” you have to include everybody in the total, even the guys making scratch living by writing 99cent android apps.

Yes, the North Carolina geology dropout story was true(ish). There were only 11 dropouts, and one of them was Michael Jordan. He skewed the average.

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Fair point. Then again, I guess we shouldn’t be looking at averages, since we were talking about Indians.

Where are Indians more likely to be found? SF/Seattle, or NC/SC

It’s interesting that Taiwanese are slightly better educated than Indians, but make significantly less.

I wonder if that’s due to language issues or if Taiwanese women are more likely than Indian women to be SAHMs (since they’re measuring household income) or something else.

Oh, another thought is that Taiwanese may simply be less likely to marry at all. (Smaller household = smaller household income)

I had an Indian roommate in college and she explained to me that there’s huge expectation on Indian women to be married by the time they are 25. Anything older than that they are an old spinster that no man would want, apparently.

But it’s not really pressure exactly, since finding a suitable husband is the parents’ job. My 20 year old roommate was happily explaining to me that as an Indian-American she had the best of all worlds. She was allowed to date and if she found a fiancé before 25 and her parents approved of him then she could marry who she wanted. And if she didn’t then she didn’t have to worry about it because her parents would take care of that for her.

Filipino rocks !! lower percentage of ppl with bachelor degree but has the second highest household income (tied with taiwanese)