ASA List

For those that have made the ASA list recently or completed all requirements and will be on the upcoming November list, did (or have) you receive an email from the SOA confirming you will be on the list?

I completed all my requirements towards the end of October. My boss, who completed his ASA back in 2015, said he received a congratulatory email mid-month, stating his name was on the upcoming list they post at the end of the month. I have not received anything regarding the November list yet.

I got my ASA in 2018 and there was no email alerting me. I just frantically scanned the list once it was released.


My congratulations email was “hey, congrats, now pay your dues”, although slightly more formal, so I assume it actually came after the list (or on the same day).


I did not receive an email either - there were 2 APCs a week apart right after Exam PA results came out, so I assumed I’d be on first list after my APC (end of Feb 2020 - next list was 4/3) and was right. I think the request for dues came after (not the same day).

I would expect you to be on the “November” list, however with Thanksgiving I also wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out Dec 4 instead.

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oh right, I did get that email. fairly certain it came after the list.

i had some concerns about being on the list since most of my credits were super old, so i wasn’t going to believe it until i saw my name on the list, which i did while walking to work one day and frantically scrolling.

We must have been at the same APC. It was the one in Dallas, right? Everyone was checking their phones for the passing candidate IDs.

Yep - not a fan of having results day while at the APC but I didn’t want to go to Atlanta the next week lol.