Arugula surplus

I got some arugula to go with my toast and now I’m all out of toast.

Need ideas

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Find something else edible and put some arugula on it. Or just eat the arugula.

Arugula tastes really good with a lemony vinaigrette. I’d make a big salad with some chickpeas, cucumbers, quinoa, and tomatoes. Yum.


Olive oil

Optionally: pepper, lemon juice


Arugula! Arugula! Abandon ship!



Get creative! Mix arugula into salads, pasta, or wrap it in tortillas. Create a vibrant arugula pesto or toss it into a smoothie for a nutrient boost.

Are you also out of bread? cuz if not this will be an easy fix.

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Maybe I can order a pizza or something. Last time I ordered one with arugula they literally just shipped me an extra box with arugula in it for me to sprinkle on.

Go make some bread. :bread: :yum:

There’s a place the next town over from me that does a thin crust pizza in a wood fired oven with goat cheese, caramelized pears, prosciutto and arugula. OMG, it is soooooo good!!!

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Easy for you to say.


This is the way. If they put it on top of a hot pizza and put it in a box, the arugula would be all wilted and tending towards the slimy side when you got it at home.

call me when there’s nachos and cheese: