Are SOA exams going to be run BOY 2021?

I keep seeing CAS exams getting cancelled. SInce we won’t likely see widespread implementation of a vaccine by Feb, are we going to be writing STAM? or will it be cancelled? Appreciating that all we have right now is speculation…
It’d be nice if the SOA released something like ‘here’s our contingency plan, or what we’re planning in the event of a required cancellation’.

Sure, it would be nice to know what they would do, but the April/May fellowship exams are an even bigger challenge. With STAM, if there is a cancellation there’s a good chance (I’m guessing here) you could reschedule in the same window, and the delay until the next window is like 2-3 months.

Based on the October fellowship exams, each is given one day only. Miss that one day, and it’s a 6-month wait. (If so extreme that all April/May exams are cancelled, you might see them delayed until the summer, as happened in 2020.)

Mostly, the CAS exams aren’t being cancelled. Anecdotally, I know know a bunch of people who have sat for them. But maybe they are being cancelled in Canada?