Are CDs back?

Anyone putting money in CDs? I feel like markets are gonna suck this year.

Vinyl is where it’s at.


I thought GoA was all in on 8 tracks.


Reel-Reel or gtfo imo

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okay boomer


When I was setting aside money for a new car I put some in a CD before I discovered AmEx Personal Savings. It’s currently paying 3.75%, which admittedly is lower than CDs, but there are no withdrawal restrictions, which is nice. At the time I opened the account it was actually paying a couple hundredths of a point more than 6-7 month CDs were. Anyway, that’s where the emergency fund is parked. Also have some stocks in current & former employers and most of the rest goes into retirement.

This, if you’re setting aside money to buy something in the next year or three, HYSA or CDs make a lot of sense. Otherwise, S&P index funds and chill, IMO.

If CDs were back they would be DCs. (I know, I’m such a comic.)

CD’s are facing a backlash these days as many states are trying to ban drag chows.

What is drag chow? Is that a cross-dressing dog breed?

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