Are any companies doing well right now?

Market looks terrible everywhere I look.

use the sort function


Define “doing well” . . .

less than 90% combined ratio

maybe even 95% in this environment

FWIW, I know of some companies that target a combined ratio over 100% trying to be more competitive and relying on investment income to end up in the black (financially).

And this strikes me far more as being a “normal” part of the underwriting cycle conflated with the ongoing recovery from the COVID shutdown and the petroleum situation with Ukraine.

All the time, our customers ask us, “How do you make money doing this?” The answer is simple: Volume. That’s what we do.


I hesitate to use a single year’s combined ratio as a way to define “doing well”, but a few carriers that were sub-90 in the US in 21, and were no worse than 95 in 20:

  • Zurich
  • WR Berkley
  • Markel
  • Great American
  • Old Republic
  • RLI (also sub-90 in '20)
  • Starr (also sub-90 in '20)

ROEs are more interesting to me, given that several low-CR companies have to tie up a lot of capital to support risky reserves, while many higher-CR companies aren’t so encumbered.

Within that list, WR Berkley, Markel, Old Republic, and RLI all show in a list of US insurance groups with the highest ROEs in 2021.

I have no clue (or I’m not interested enough to go digging to find out) how non-US results would impact this list.

Acrisure just secured naming rights to the Pittsburg Steelers stadium.

Insurance is in, ketchup is out.

is credit Suisse bankrupt yet

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