Are actuaries Palestine sympathizers?

  • Yes. Poor Palestine.
  • No. Israel all the way.
  • Bunch of pots and kettles
    1. If it ain’t in America I don’t care

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Only East Palestine.

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Before I vote, what’s the point spread?

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Just curious what people think. This is not an issue I grew up with, and only learned of after I came to the US. I’ve listened to a few podcasts on the issue, and have heard arguments from both sides, but I’m sure there’s a lot of biases as feelings get involved.

They’ve both done horrible things and both should be condemned. But…

Israel’s motivation seems mostly to survive, interspersed with some ‘bad behavior’. Palestine’s motivation is to destroy Jewish people and Israel. they’re not the same thing.
Palestine would drop a dirty bomb on Israel given the opportunity. Israel isn’t going to bomb Palestine out of existence even if they had the chance. Big, and important difference.
But on a daily basis, it’s often hard to tell the difference.



I voted Israel because of the above but I’d say it’s more grey than just Israel vs Palestine.

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Agreed, I voted Palestine because they really got fucked. However, neither side is entirely right or wrong. White people really messed things up for them.


How much of that desire to dirty bomb is just rhetoric? We have seen over the past few years in the US how some pretty extreme points of view can persist with little opposition just based on how coalitions align themselves.

Id expect the average person on either side to prefer just moving on and getting along in peace.

If it was just rhetoric enough years have passed that there’d be peace over there by now.

Having hostile leadership certainly makes building any trust difficult.

I just don’t know what real options exist for Palestinians to change the direction of their leadership to be more cooperative. They are poor, uneducated, and, as a result, easy to manipulate.

There are a lot of structural reasons they can’t move on. Palestinians who were displaced weren’t allowed to just emigrate and set up homes elsewhere, like most people who lose wars. They were kept in camps in Palestine to put political pressure on Israel. The Palestinians have been royaly screwed by their leadership and the rest of the Arab world, supported by Europe. And now there are generations who’ve grown up living in horrible conditions under Israeli mistreatment who of course hate Israel.

There’s plenty of wrong on both sides. I hope Israel survives, which i guess puts me in the Israel camp. But Israel just voted to shit on the Palestinians. So i really can’t say, “Israel all the way”.


It’s very hard for me not to see the current situation as equivalent to apartheid at worst, or colonialism at best. It’s not a good look for Israel.

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From the title and OP, I can’t say I have any idea what this thread is about… sounds like a massive over-generalization.

Things like this are why I have a hard time being on Israel’s side.

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Folks in Oklahoma are gonna be pissed when the Comanche ask for their ancestral lands back.


It’s not really Israel’s fault that Pompeo says idiotic stuff. But there’s been plenty of similar things said by actual Israeli leaders with which to find fault. To say nothing of their actions…

But to answer the question posed in the OP… I’d like to see some sort of two-state solution although I have concerns about Palestinian leadership… and Israeli willingness to go along with it.

Be careful what you sign onto, you might get doxxed or called out by a hedge fund CEO.

I was going to start a new thread but when I typed in my title, this popped up wondering if this might be a better place. I’m ok using this one.