Applying for ACAS

I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but in checking application requirements, am I correctly [strike]reading[/strike] interpreting that the requirement of two letters of recommendation are no longer required with the ACAS application? The last time I got overly excited about possibly passing 6 that was definitely a requirement. MAAA clearly states one formal letter is required there, but I feel like I’ve missed something…

I’m looking here.

No idea, but when I applied nearly 2 years ago I had to have two letters of recommendation.

Congrats on the potential excitement!

For applying to the AAA I got a little confused when I was first doing it. It seems to be this hugely onerous thing but in fact if you’re ACAS then it’s really just a brief bit of paperwork. I think they send you said paperwork a few months after achieving ACAS.

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It is not on the admissions section of the website, or the application itself. I can find archived web pages that indicate as such, so I know it was real.

I emailed Danelle Gee who handles admissions and she has confirmed that it is NOT a requirement. I missed that memo…

So they let just anybody in these days! :judge: /s

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Does seem strange. I’ll take it though I guess.

I’m in, so the bar is already pretty low.

:laughing: tell me about it… :tfh:

Does the AAA really still require a letter from your supervisor? I mean, the application on the AAA site mentions it, but I don’t recall having to provide one when I applied (though it’s been a while and I could have forgotten about it). The AAA application also asks you to document your work experience, which I also don’t remember having to do – I mean, didn’t they drop the experience requirement for Academy membership over a decade ago (a bit after the experience requirement was put in place for statements of actuarial opinion)?

A reference letter and statement about work experience is only required if you have been a resident of the US for less than 3 years.

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This makes sense.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess I don’t need to see anyone about a memory test after all!

No problem! I submitted my application a few days ago, and was scrambling to write the statement of work when my boss pointed it out to me.

How do people’s companies handle member dues for both CAS and AAA? Company paid or out of pocket?

  • Company pays
  • I pay
  • Company pays some but not all (i.e. CAS but not MAAA or partial payment)
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My company pays but I never got the MAAA.

Thanks all. I’m the first credential we’ve ever had, so I needed some leverage. :money_mouth_face:

Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but when applying for ACAS do I need to fill out the attestation on CAS website for this year?

I want to say yes. I don’t fully remember, but it would make sense.

Pretty sure you do. Study time + Course on Professionalism should give you most of what you need. Remember COP includes organized, and professionalism. Also, you can use it even if you did COP a year ago.

@act_123 I know I have the hours, but do I have to attest for 2023 or when I apply for membership is it implied that I am attesting for that year and therefore I do not have to attest separately.

As a side note, I probably could just attest for less effort than I am putting in to find out whether I need to or not. :man_shrugging:

Pretty sure you need to attest. Takes 30 seconds if you have all the hours. Worst comes to worst you attested and it will be ignored.