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Starting a thread because I have questions about my watch, a series 7:

  1. My watch seems to have tracked sleep for the last 2 nights even though I wasn’t wearing it and didn’t turn on the sleep cycle app on my phone. Some of the data is correct but it shows me sleeping until past 8 yesterday when I distinctly remember waking up at 6:43 and being surprised that it was so late. I went for a walk at 7:45, which is recorded on Apple Watch.

This morning it show me sleeping during a time when I was cooking breakfast, and during times when I was sitting at my desk.

  1. The other day my apple watch told me I had low cardio fitness. After reading about VO2 max I decided maybe it says that bc my exercise is usually pretty low intensity. So yesterday I made an effort to try to walk as fast as I could for as long as I could. I paused a few times to see if I got close to my target heart rate. Now, this was no athletic feat but it was a lot of work for sedentary me. I was curious to see what my VO2max would be after actually trying to work hard. But as far as I can tell the watch did not record a VO2 max for yesterday. I’ll have to try again tomorrow bc today I have water aerobics.

  2. Exercise minutes: I recorded 11 minutes of exercise yesterday during my church service. Some of that time I was standing to sing or do the responsive reading or talk to my neighbor or go through the Communion line. I have never noticed those things being counted as exercise before. The last time I was in church it recorded 3 minutes of exercise.

Would love to hear any suggestions or similar observations.

You may want to post this in the Apple forums. The community is very good over there.

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I think I figured out part of the sleep thing. I had an option to allow the phone to track sleep if I wasn’t wearing my watch. Still don’t know why it tracked me as sleeping at times when I was walking or cooking.

I did that. We’ll see. One suggestion to a previous similar question (on the sleep thing) was to power the watch off and on, so I did that.

I think it is a piece of shit and you should take it back.

I’ve generally felt the watch was accurate about Move and Exercise, even without knowing exactly what they’re supposed to be tracking in those. There have been a few rare occasions where I got no or trivial exercise credit (only 1 or 2) when I knew I should have had many more.

I have a different recording story, perhaps more bizarre since a more important session with potentially more at stake. I had a home sleep apnea test, wearing a medical recorder attached to my test. It recorded all sorts of stuff, including what position I was sleeping in and when I got out of bed. Bizarrely, my wife remembered I had gotten out of bed at around 1:30, and there was some sort of independent confirmation of it (my apple watch, maybe, but I don’t usually wear it to bed.). The monitor showed me sleeping in bed continuously between 1 and 2.

I haven’t discussed the results with a sleep professional yet (appt in early Nov, close to the first available). A friend, credentials unknown (but allegedly with some experience in sleep disorders) of my daughter looked at the recording and says that despite that oddity the recording clearly shows some moderate sleep apnea, more pronounced later rather than earlier.

Interesting. I got no results from my sleep apnea test except a number of episodes per hour.

i got the low vo2 also but i think it’s because i was pulling a wagon with my two kids in it and i got pretty winded walking at a moderate pace

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I know I’m a shitty sleeper. Don’t need a watch to tell me that.

you can’t improve what you don’t measure

I disagree.

If I want to lose weight, I don’t need a scale.

Plus ain’t no fixin’ my shitty sleeping. It’s been like this for 35 years

I like data.

Pro tip: Take his word for it, rather than sleep with him to get data.

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here’s mine:
W = wake
S = sleep

S: 11:10 P
W 12:32 A
S: 12:35
W: 1:48
S: 1:53
W: 2:58
S: 3:07
W: 4:30
S: 4:34
W: 5:15
S: 5:19
W: 5:55
S: 5:57
W: 6:20
S: 6:23
W: 6:45

^ add/subtract a few mins here or there and that’s a normal night for me.

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I would not be able to function with that sleep schedule.

Guess I’m used to it

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Another experiment with a more vigorous walk yesterday. VO2 max increased by 0.4. That was slightly above the below average line.

After reading and googling I can’t find any doctors that really care about this unless they are treating athletes. So I’ve decided to ignore it unless there is a significant change.

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