Aon WTW merger cancelled

Aon to pay $1B to WTW for the cancellation. They didn’t want to keep fighting the litigation from the DOJ.

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That’s a fast way to make 1 B

Market with basically 3 sellers, second largest decides to buy the third and DOJ says it’s anticompetitive.

Clearly the DOJ misunderstands the business.

I didn’t realize this never happened in the first place.

well good. too many damn mergers of pension firms (mostly looking at you WTW or whatever you’re called now)!

If it were a bad thing, people would just create a competing brokerage and price lower right?


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Don’t know how this will impact the Pat Ryan reconquista. He now has 3 targets to acquire instead of 2.

Same thing with Standard Oil

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Good. Such a stupid idea that benefits no one.

naw…there are plenty of barriers to entry…you can’t just start up “Colonel’s Finger Lickin’ Good Insurance Brokerage”.

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It’s easy, all you gotta do is call up Masayoshi Son to get that sweet VC money. We can call the new company WeBroke.


Why didn’t I think of that?


I laughed way too much at this:


well, merging with marsh would also have been. so two things.

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Probably not too startling that the $1b payout is being used on buybacks

WTW sells Willis Re to Gallagher for $3-4B:

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Now to speculate who WTW is looking to buy…

They’re gonna buy Aon. #2 buying #3 is anti-competitive, but #3 buying #2 is a triumph of small businesses!


Take that DOJ!