AOC: Pros and Cons

Some mod, please move all the nonhumorous posts in the political humor thread here, please.


Including the nonhumerous posts that have nothing to do with AOC?


No, just the shitposts about AOC.

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Out of curiousity why don’t you like her? Is it due to her political views or her personality? She
is wicked smart and contrary to what Tucker Carlson says is not a child of privilege but rather financed her way through college with jobs and student loans.



I’m not a big fan of some of her policy positions, but she is a pretty awesome person from what I’ve seen.


Her policy positions are horrid. Someone with an Econ degree, even from BU, should know better than most of what she proposes. Most of her economic/environmental end goals are laudable, but her plans for getting there are completely unworkable and would cause tremendous harm if the country tried to implement them. That doesn’t even begin to cover the social or foreign relation positions she takes. Those make her economic positions look mature and well thought out.


Why do you hate people?


:iatp: isn’t she the main author behind the Green New Deal, with all kinds of Progressive pipe dreams like a government guaranteed job?

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I love AOC, and it has nothing to do with her gender, age, race, or attractiveness.

However it’s fun to see conservative pundits apoplectic that a young woman of color is standing up to them. Just an excellent cherry on top.


While a government guaranteed job may be a pipe dream, I much prefer that policy to a guaranteed income without any requirement which even Milton Friedman supported. There are all kinds of public service jobs requiring little or no skill that could be created.

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Rather than public service jobs, I’d prefer private sector jobs subsidized by the federal gov’t. The gov’t contracts with a clothing manufacturer to make kids clothes. The private firm provides building and machines. The gov’t subsidizes salaries of the production workers who sew the clothes together. Workers are paid at a piece rate (anathema to US unions) because they can’t be fired for just sitting around. Any production process that is simple, labor intensive, and can be done while sitting down in an air conditioned building is a candidate for this idea.

For one thing that would be a violation of any free trade agreement. Secondly to be competitive with third world manufacturing the government would be paying most of the wages. I could imagine the lobbying (bribes) potential employers would vying for these subsidies. Your example is absolutely the worst with respect to an industry which should be subsidized.

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Why don’t wed save policy discussion for a non-humor thread?

Snarky social media comments and faux-outrage are her main talents.

This post is not humorous.

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It’s not even true.


Her political views and the fact that she tends to see everything through her pre-conceived notions. Which is a common affliction among politicians, to be sure, but distasteful nonetheless.

Like one dumb example: she got it in her head that the folks in a particular border camp did not have access to drinking water and she posted an angry video about it. The reality was that they didn’t have bottled water available to them, but there were paper cups and a sink with clean safe drinking water available.

She just strikes me as someone who would rather be angry than live in reality.

I’m aware that she comes from a humble background and I think she’s good at asking pointed questions during hearings. But her Green New Deal is a disaster.

Care to share any details on why you think that? Or maybe it should be a separate thread.

I’ve posted about it, I’m sure. She’s been less in the spotlight lately so maybe some of those posts are lost on AO.

I prefer not to get feelings about politicians not actively ruining the country.
She knows what she wants and knows shes not going to get any of it.

And, yes, no reason for posting any of this in the humor thread .
Belongs more in the “yer bringing us down, Debby” thread.

  • Providing investments and leveraging funding to help communities affected by climate change
  • Repairing and upgrading existing infrastructure to withstand extreme weather and ensuring all bills related to infrastructure in Congress address climate change
  • Investing in renewable power sources
  • Investing in manufacturing and industry to spur growth in the use of clean energy
  • Building or upgrading to energy-efficient, distributed, and smart power grids that provide affordable electricity
  • Upgrading all existing buildings and building new ones so that they achieve maximum energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability.
  • Supporting family farming, investing in sustainable farming, and building a more sustainable and equitable food system
  • Investing in transportation systems, namely zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing, public transit, and high-speed rail
  • Restoring ecosystems through land preservation, afforestation, and science-based projects
  • Cleaning up existing hazardous waste and abandoned sites
  • Identifying unknown sources of pollution and emissions
  • Working with the international community on solutions and helping them achieve Green New Deals13

I can’t see anything here so terrible. Of course its a reach but if this warrants not liking a person for proposing these, I just don’t get it. But I don’t like MTG so I guess we all have our biases.