Anyone want my job? AVP & Actuary (P&C Ratemaking)

I am retiring in April and they are looking for a replacement. Message me and I can answer any questions you have about the position. There is a small referral bonus if I tell them I sent you before you apply.


This is currently in the Sports category. Do you want to move it elsewhere? Do you need help moving it?

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meant to put it in job postings


i was more interested when the job was sports-related. now, i’m out.


I actually find this fascinating no matter where’s it’s located. Pricing farm related P&C stuff? Might not be ‘fun’, but it sure sounds interesting. Likely a bunch of interesting products, niche underwriting considerations, etc.
Like these folks have to price in frost in may?

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This job has almost no involvement in crop/hail but is focused on insuring the farm and agribusiness operations: dwellings, outbuildings, livestock, combines, tractors, hay…. Although my location is also a big name in crop/hail chances are you would have little involvement in that.

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Holy smokes they let you post for a job before it is vacated?

That’s great for your boss


This is really cool of you!