Anyone here still waiting to be vaccinated?

This is an offshoot of a discussion in another thread. Just wondering how many folks who use this board plan to be vaccinated, but aren’t, yet.

What’s your vaccine status?
  • Fully vaccinated (one J&J, two Moderna, Pfizer, AZ, or appropriate to whatever you got.)
  • Partially vaccinated (first dose of a two-dose regimen)
  • Plan to get vaccinated, but haven’t started, yet.
  • Recovered from covid, might get vaccinated anyway.
  • Recovered from covid, figure I’m good.
  • No covid, might get vaccinated eventually, but not yet.
  • Haven’t had covid, don’t plan to be vaccinated.

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Count your status based on having gotten jabbed, don’t include any waiting time.
If you had covid and also got vaccinated, vote as vaccinated.


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I bought new shoes right after being fully vaccinated. :slight_smile:

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You really didn’t need to wait. Getting a haircut was one of the safest indoor activities outside the home during the pandemic.

I’d have to actually get to the haircut place though which would involve taking transit

Sure wish you had separated out the vaccinated by had vs hadn’t had covid.

I’m in the Recovered, might category. Interesting that there are only 2 who have voted so far that have had it, that we can identify.

Got vaccinated ASAP, wasn’t the last category but not the earliest/highest risk, had to wait a while.

Finally got a haircut! My hair stylist and I got vaccinated on the same day and they own their own shop as a sole proprietor so I finally did it.

Well, that wasn’t really the question I was curious about. But I can tell you that I see at least two people voted “fully vaccinated” who talked on this forum about having had covid.

Add me to that list, for 321’s considerations.