Any teachers/academics willing to do me a solid?

Would anyone care to review my capstone project and provide general thoughts/comments in terms of suitability?
For my master’s capstone, I have to submit a 30 page mini-course intended as an enrichment topic for high school students. I did mine on Diophantine Equations.
I submitted the first draft, and got back, to paraphrase, ‘this is warm dog vomit. It’s a good foundation, but needs a lot of work.’. I’ve updated it substantially, but before I submit the final copy, I’d like a second set of knowledgeable eyes to review it. (math doesn’t need to be checked).
My gratitude would be eternal.

I’d be happy to take a look. Will probably have some time tomorrow morning

Thank you. Ill email it to your address in your profile?

Yeah that works

Thanks again. That was very helpful. Also reassuring that it.wasnt as bad as I feared. And also gave me some imposter syndrome. That level of detailed review, that fast, on something I spent months on lol.

Can I review it too?!

Bah I just scanned it for typos and tried to imagine myself trying to teach it. Could be fun bonus content for some of my college students. Thanks for giving me something to do with my morning!