Any good, free materials available for EA-1?

Any good, free materials available for EA-1 anywhere?

I’d think you’re lucky to even find materials you pay for for EA-1. The number of people who took that exam last sitting was 18. most people who go the EA route satisfy that exam with SOA credits.


I have a couple of things. Was just gonna see if there was anything out there.

good luck. i failed that exam several times in the 90’s. then i took and passed the soa exams to be exempt from it.

I don’t know about any free materials, but I am studying also and going through it all… its tough. Does anybody have any concrete info on the passing grade? I have seen that 30% appx pass it each year but what is the passing score? I read on Rick’s website he thinks its about 60…

I passed this exam a few years ago entirely from using EA-1A Exams and solutions. I did pass P and FM in college about 7 years prior to taking this exam. I had no financial benefit to becoming an ASA so I didn’t go further.


I don’t have any EA1 stuff. I have my old EA2 material that I can post here. I think much of it is still relevant.

If anyone wants to add to it or update it, that would be great too.