Annoyed Thoughts--Other Drivers Edition

This guy next to me was on his phone, texting…

I had to take the highway to the office yesterday. One guy crossed within a couple of feet of my back bumper from 2 lanes over to get to the offramp, other people were racing each other in cars that had after market mods, all sorts of construction going on causing all sorts of grief… :roll_eyes: :grimacing: :face_with_peeking_eye: :confounded: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am so glad I WFH and don’t hafta go in a lot!!!

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Either you are a annoying driver magnet, or you live in an area with the worst collection of drivers in the world.
(Or, you simply remember too much that annoys you.)

Can’t imagine drivers are worse where BM lives than where I live, just so used to it that it’s not worth posting.

Is this you, BM?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1702059283779608734|twgr^a91954b369c30819ca95d1ae5e0ccabf42217deb|twcon^s1_&

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For those who don’t X

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I blame the road designers.

Blame Canada GIFs |

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Nah, I was on the highway Wednesday.

Could have gone in the significant signals thread IMO

Apparently hockey players - wouldn’t be surprised if they shook hands and got together for a Molson afterwards.

So this morning there was super fog in patches so most normal people take a little extra precaution. Well, not Monster Pickup Hickman. He alternated between tailing me and trying to weave around me, first on my right where there’s basically no shoulder, then eventually passing on my left – in the opposite-direction lane. (One lane country road.) But he doesn’t just pass me; he keeps going in the wrong lane to pass several other cars, until finally he came back in to then tail someone else. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That made me wish I had the money to rewire our house, install an L2 charger, and go electric, just to own the hickz.

If going electric worked for Bob Dylan then it could work for you too.

Was it a section of road with a solid or dotted yellow line? Was there sufficient visibility for him to see there was no oncoming traffic while passing?

Dotted yellow line. But it was also pretty thickly foggy this morning. And he passed multiple cars at once.

Mainly it irritated me that he chose to tail me anyway even though he could clearly see that there were other cars in front of me. As they say in the memes, if you’re gonna ride my ass, at least grab my hair while you do it (or ears I guess since I don’t have much hair to grab).

For some reason I skipped right over this part of your original post.

So did Monster Truck Hickman. :man_shrugging:

I’m stopped at an intersection ready to turn northbound from the eastbound lane. There is a truck heading southbound that has a straight lane south and a left turn lane to turn eastbound. A big truuuuhk is in the straight lane south, signals left, but then comes to a complete stop. I had the stop sign and they had the right of way. :roll_eyes: After a brief second, the driver finally makes the left - from the straight south lane. :man_facepalming:

Well, you saw the sign on the back of the truck, right? “Takes wide turns”? Use your eyeballs!!

I watched a guy on a bike ride through a 4-way stop. He took a quick glance to his left and that was about it. :roll_eyes: