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Just make a new one. Isn’t coffee like 8 cents a cup?


It’s a standalone imaging center, but one that is generally respected. I think all my mammograms have been done by them. They have a mobile unit that comes to the office and they would call to remind me it was time.

But yes, when I asked for a 3D mammogram, this is where my PCP referred me.

I have found a couple other options in town where I will go next time, but probably have to stick with this one for my follow up.

Back in the day they used to give out roses when you got your mammogram. Gee thanks, steal my dignity and then make up for it with a flower. I guess that sort of thing is nice for some women but it just makes me :roll_eyes:

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I got a whole bunch of nothing after all my hernia checks. Not even a deep, passionate handshake… :frowning:




(Courtesy of Chatgpt)

Sure, here’s a coffee-related joke for you:

Why did the coffee lover need coffee before making their coffee?

Because they needed a latte energy to espresso themselves properly in the morning!

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I wonder if perhaps they’ve been bought by someone. Eh, too much speculating for a Friday.

Suffice it to say I share your frustration with healthcare in this country. I’m trying to make things a bit better, but it’s a long row to hoe.

16 cents, and each cup is only about 6 ounces, so mine is really more like 35 cents with the room for cream, plus another 35 cents of heavy cream, plus another 50 cents or so of syrup. And damnit I’m not throwing out $1.20 worth of coffee!

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I should’ve brought one more pair of underwear.

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Same. When I was on the pill it was every 28 days like clockwork, of course. And now I have an IUD so it’s … never.

But the times in my life when I’ve had neither it was all over the place… usually somewhere in the 32-38 day range but occasionally I’d get a surprise at day 17 or so. My mother kept meticulous track so I did too at first and then gave up… what’s the point?

Who needs a bidet when you’ve got auto flush?

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The bakery had free samples of apricot bread. It also contained rai-SINS!!! :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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I was hand sewing tonight, stitching some thick fabric onto the back of the quilt. The only needles I had sharp and thin enough to sew through the fabric were self-threading needles. If you’re not familiar with them, they look like this:

So both ends are very sharp as a result. I don’t like thimbles, never use them, so tonight there were a few times I was trying to push the needle through the fabric with my finger, using the quilt in between the finger and the needle, but the sharp threaded end shoved through the fabric and into my finger, twice. And once it was really lodged in there, I had to yank it out…and it really hurt.

Will I learn my lesson and start using a thimble? Of course not…


Thimbles are for suckers.


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I got a new credit card and immediately went on a Europe trip and used it. Now they think I’m a resident of Italy.


My neighbor is on his riding mower probably 12 separate times a week.

It’s like if there are three leaves on his lawn, he’s out there cleaning them up on that dumb mower. it could be 8 am, 10 am, noon, 1:15, 3:30, 7 pm. Sunday through Saturday. Only snow or pouring rain seems to thwart him.

And often it coincides with either a work phone call, or dinner or someone in my house wanting to take a catnap.


What exactly do social workers do?


We have a kid that we’re trying to make an academic plan for so he can do better next year, including next year evaluating him to see if he qualifies for an IEP. I guess in a recent meeting with him, mom, and social worker, mom basically said that he won’t get it done/he won’t amount to anything, and while he was in literal tears, social worker was like “well he should just go drop out and do his GED.” Then later at home, J2 posited that it’s more common than it should be for social workers to encourage such dropping out so that the kids can age out and then drop off of their caseloads so they don’t have to deal with it anymore.

A couple years ago, we had a kid who bounced around between mom, who was constantly on and off drugs, and grandma, who wasn’t. Grandma was the one who gave her structure, and the kid (who also uses) got more work done. Mom was more like the “cool mom” and never made her do anything. But the social worker lobbied for mom to have custody anyway, because being with mom made the kid happy – even though it wasn’t in her best interest.

What exactly is the point of the social work profession, then?

(The fact that the GED of today is no joke compared to the GED of a generation ago, so that switching to it won’t end well for most of our kids, is a different conversation. I’m tempted to work a practice math section just to investigate this phenomenon.)

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