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Whatcha watching

Manga and light novels included

Just finished Tokyo Ghoul. Really enjoyed it. Looking for my next adventure while I continue ignoring Boruto and Bleach.

What’re you watching?

I watched Attack on Titan and was immediately surprised that it didn’t take place on Titan

Whoops, spoiler alert

I haven’t finished AOT, but I enjoyed what I did see of it. Maybe that’s the next one to check off.

Getting your Titans confused

My anime watching is pretty “newbie”, but I’m happy to give recommendations. I don’t have a depth of knowledge but I know what I’ve liked. I have a lot of recommendations that are good for kids (generally 8+, some of them like Fullmetal Alchemist more like 13+).

I guess the most recent would be “Delicious in Dungeon”, but it’s pretty stupid. A knockoff D&D-esque show about a guy who wants to eat every kind of monster. It’s been fairly tame (PG) so far, but it’s rated M for nudity and something like violence and is not completed. I hope it doesn’t venture too badly into fanservice for the M rating.

My top would likely be Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Unironically, She-Ra on Netflix is good for adults. Avatar: The Last Airbender is another top-tier show, with Avatar: Legend of Korra being nearly as good.

Violet Evergarden is a short series that’s pretty interesting. IIRC it had a movie that tied up some loose ends, but I wish it had explored things more.

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I’ve heard Fullmetal Alchemist is good.

My recommendations are:
-Death Note: Psychological Thriller. Short but sweet
-My Hero Academia: Similar premise to the Boys but not as twisted
-Demon Slayer: Demons hide among humanity and there’s an elite corps who fight them. Great show with great graphics
-Vinland Saga: Amazing story about revenge and what comes with it
-Parasite: Aliens trying to take over humanity with a twist of coexistence
-One Piece: It’s the GOAT show for a reason. 1,000+ episodes and seems too short. Involves a world government, slavery, racism, fascism.
-Dr. Stone: Humanity is nearly destroyed and one genius is bringing it back. Cool science stuff
-Chainsaw Man: Title is enough
-JuJutsu Kaisen: Elite corps fighting curses. Another great show with great graphics
-Naruto/Naruto Shippuden: Ninja villages fighting amongst each other. One kid wants to remove hate from the world while keeping his friends. Up there with One Piece and Dragonball, but a bunch of unnecessary filler episodes.

What no JoJo?

I’m currently watching Vinland Saga. It’s been pretty good so far.

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Fullmetal Alchemist is, IMO, one of the best “introductory” animes. Quick version, the magic of alchemy exists, which functions under scientific laws. State-sponsored alchemists (typically (ex-)military) are allowed to freely practice. The protagonist attempts to bring back the dead which is strictly forbidden and as a result, his brother’s soul is taken from his body and trapped in an animated suit of armor, while the protagonist loses an arm and a leg which are mechanically replaced. Something is wrong with the militarily-led government, there is a sinister plot.

Note you should watch Brotherhood. It is a full remake of the original, and better.

It avoids excessive fanservice, which is a constant pet peeve of mine. I can forgive a small amount though it detracts from the show, too much and I turn it off. I recall Seven Deadly Sins I slogged through one episode and by the second it was clear it was going to be consistent.

Gurren Lagann is excellent, but the fanservice takes it from a 10/10 to a 9/10 show for me. Still worth a watch. It starts off a little slow but never lets off the accelerator. To wildly understate the scope, it begins in an underground shelter of humans eking out an existence and ends up as giant mechas in space. The entire show is pretty much 3 “acts” and let me say, without spoiling a thing, they make choices in going from act 1 to 2, things really change.

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Haven’t seen JoJo! I heard it’s both good and really weird

Ooo alright you convinced me to give it a go

Are you on season 1 or 2? Most people I’ve talked to enjoyed 1 better than 2, but I think 2 was much more though provoking.

Whereas Gurren Lagann is a “really give it like 2-3 episodes first” show, I highly recommend.

I think FMA: Brotherhood will draw you in from the start. It certainly gets better as you know the characters and the plot develops but it starts good, too. FMA has a nice mixture of “silly anime moments”, e.g. somebody’s soul “leaving” their body of embarrassment, you know how I mean, but also some dark/serious moments.

It never dives deep into the concept of God but the main character is clearly an atheist, treating the world as a science problem, including the formula to create life (which he fails to do in the first few minutes of the show as a child.) Later on there is a clear being on the other side of a door that might be God? Might be some monster? It’s made very clear that you are fucking with forces beyond your understanding but never quite dives into what that all means.

RIP dragonball dude