And you thought the nasal swab was uncomfortable

For smartasses and dumbasses, it could STILL hit their brain.

Men: Let me put it in, I hear lots of women actually enjoy it!

Also men: No chance in hell you’re sticking that q-tip in there!

Tbh, I’d prefer an anal swab over a nasal one.

neither one please.

Spot on, although I suppose the last bit depends on exactly how far they’re inserting the swab in each case.

I did a self-administered nasal swab on Saturday and it wasn’t bad at all. You only inserted it until there was resistance. But I had a brain-ticking one before Thanksgiving and :grimacing:.

I shudder to think what the brain-tickling equivalent on an anal swab might be. I mean, I think I’d go for the brain-tickling nasal swab over something that went as far up as a colonoscopy if that was the choice.

most of my tests have been self administered. If I care more about testing negative, rather than knowing the truth - flight, baseball game

what if I went in a 1/4 inch and barely
, swirled it, maybe even one just nostril.

would the testers know? If there is mucus, can their be a null test?

I’ve read that the better tests don’t need the swab to go all the way up, and that swirling it around one nostril and picking up some mucus should be adequate for a valid test.

Yeah one of the things I’m most happy about with my vax appt tomorrow is never needing to get a Covid test, in any orifice. I’d prefer the anal swab though, if I had a choice

If prefer the nasal swab, since it doesn’t require undressing. But if i had to undress anyway, (for instance, if i were admitted to a hospital) I’d prefer the angel swab. Neither send especially horrible to me.

I wouldn’t say “never” since it’s not 100% effective. Small detail there - I know I’m being anal.

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well, sure, who wouldn’t

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Better than an angle swab, imo.

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Eh, I wouldn’t be so sure. My MIL got her second Moderna shot back in February and she still has to get Covid tests every time she goes in for chemo or any other cancer treatment. She’s probably had 5 or 6 Covid tests after her “fully protected” date.