And now the serious stuff begins

There is the petty stuff, no doubt. But there is also a darker side to Trumps ranting. My own sense is that he is whipping up the fervor to maximize his “fund raising”, already over $170m for a leadership PAC. Money he can use for just about anything his little heart desires.

But I fully expect some folks will get whipped up into murderous fury. State election officials and volunteers are in the cross hairs. He may be in it for the money, but his most ardent followers are in it for vengeance.
It always goes this way with far right movements. The extremist, fringe elements get out of control. And the leaders (McConnell, Cruz, Rubio et al) find they cannot control a mob. Dark days ahead. This is going to leave a mark.

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But, But, ANTIFA on the Left!!!

Wouldn’t be so bad if these far-right-wing-nut-jobs weren’t so heavily armed.
We still have idiots in my area organizing “Resist the Curfew” and “Newsom Sucks” rallies.

I agree with your post. Trump’s behavior (and his sycophants’ calls for martial law or violence) may seem comical but it is way too serious for way too many people.

Trump has always wanted to have one of his followers kill an elected or high ranking official in his name. Someone he has lashed out against needs to die for opposing Trump. He’s woven language like that into his rhetoric for years.

I don’t think he wants this at all. The only thing he is doing is trying to avoid having to admit he lost. He is using narcissistic coping mechanisms to maintain the reality that he is perfect in every way to himself. He has no understanding of how he is manipulating his followers, all he knows is that they believe him so the story he has woven is becoming more true to him and that makes him feel good. If someone ends up dead that will just be validation to him that he is right and he will absolutely see no role in it because he isn’t trying to get anyone killed, he just wants to be seen as a winner. It’s pathetic really and it would be sad if it wasn’t so consequential.


Naw, he’s good at it, and he knows what he is doing. I think funkingded is right, and he would be delighted beyond words if someone murdered an elected official for him.

I’m of the opinion that with Trump you follow the money. I do think his “recount fund” (that’s really a slush fund as pointed out in the OP) is one last shot at graft on the way out the door. The more he plays up his silly theories, the more money he makes. It also helps set the stage for Trump News Network.

In the meantime the We the People Convention suggests Trump “declare limited Martial Law to temporarily suspend the Constitution”. Flynn was calling for this yesterday post pardon.

I’d post a link but don’t want to ampllfy their message. You can find it easily enough.

Trump has not accepted he has lost. He fully believes that there was fraud against him. He is in the (I’d like to say small) whatever percentage of people out there that truly believes this. He is convinced that Obama was the absolute worst President the country has ever seen, and there is just no way that Obama’s VP could have been elected to replace him.

A white supremacist killed a person and he had to be coached in to making a statement against it. There is no chance he feels bad if someone is killed because of his rhetoric.

Hey, you know what will piss off the liberal leftists (environmentalists, specifically)? Let’s sell some drilling rights in a pristine area!!

Wonder how much he (and/or family members) was paid for this. 'cause Occam’s Razor.

He is pulling troops from Somalia. He ordered troop reductions in Iraq and Afghanistan eariler.

Trump replacing all the civilians on the Pentagon advisory board.

So the question is why? Is it just to hand out favors to loyalists? Is it driven from advice of another world leader? Is it to get inside intelligence that can be used to make money through contracts later?

Follow the money!!
I mean, how long will these people be on this advisory board?

One more parting gift for Pappa Putin, withdrawal from a treaty designed to help foster mutual understanding.

This seems more serious than petty, depending on what the ramifications are.

“The norm is that the political people are not involved in the nuts and bolts of this,” said Michael E. Herz, a professor of administrative law at the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.

He called the Trump administration’s apparent determination to micromanage the transition process by overseeing meetings part of its broader plan to “milk their authority as long as they can and disrupt the new administration as much as they can.”

Federal employees who discussed the transition and asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak about the process offered mixed reviews on the presence of political leaders.

Several said they felt the Trump officials were implicitly intimidating employees from speaking openly about issues awaiting the new administration. Others described the meetings as merely awkward.

At the Department of Education, one official said Trump appointees had not crashed briefings but said the written briefing materials given to Mr. Biden’s teams “gloss over anything controversial” and described the briefings as “politically influenced.”

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I assume there are some adults in the Biden team that are aware they will need to do a complete purge and re-transition once they control the White House.

AZ, getting even more crazy, calling speaker of the house a traitor.

Editorial Column notes that this is not about 2020. It’s about riling up the base and keeping it that way for 2022/24 elections. Fomenting what could be violence.

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Good example of the most toxic threat to democracy, imo. Fundamentally, a rabid group that reject the laws and dead set on creating chaos. Completely out of control, egged on by bit players with no clear objective beyond raising hell. They are just plain angry with “the system”. Determined to bring it crashing down.

Shockingly comparable to violent anarchists. These are not conservatives in any meaningful sense of the term.