Americans like peanut butter == racist?

In other countries, every “American food” aisle has peanut butter in it. Is it racist to assume that Americans love peanut butter?

FTR - the only peanut butter I ever found in Peru was terrible.

When did American become a race?


Tell me more about these food islands in other countries. Do you have to swim there? I would if it is the only place you could get peanut butter.

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so more than assuming everything in the Mexican food aisle or Chinese food aisle is loved by everyone in those countries


I assume that humans like peanut butter. Is that speciesest?

What I basically thought of as the ‘American aisle’ in Havana was… entertaining. It was not an aisle, but was all stashed behind a counter because I presume it would be prone to theft otherwise. They’d have like four Kit-Kats, eight containers of coffee creamer, two Twix, and so forth. I don’t recall seeing peanut butter.

This was in the more ‘local’ section of the city, I think the more upscale tourist places have it all. I didn’t go, I wasn’t in Havana to get a Snickers.

My dog loves peanut butter.

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Do you assume all dogs love peanut butter? If so you’re a speciesist too.

I assume all American dogs love peanut butter, does that make me racist and speciesist?

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Next thing you’ll tell me is that hard-shell tacos are found in the Mexican aisle, when they don’t even exist in Mexico

Sure they exist in Mexico, you can find them in the American aisle at Mexican grocery stores.


Also related, are red plastic solo cups racist in the context of depicting Americans?

And some of that salsa is made in… New York City!?!

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Get a rope.

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This seems racist for sure, at least out of context. But I am old enough to N that R.

Yeah - it does. I should probably indicate that it’s an “R”…

Maybe you just did that well enough though.