American Ganster Conspiracy Theory

So, American Ganster was on the other night, so I watched it because…well it’s good. And at some point I saw an article headline about opium production in Afganistan being pretty darn high. And at some other point I saw some other article headline that opioids were a problem here in the US lately. So, with everyone pulling out, who’s gonna be the next American Ganster guy that leads the crackdown (or is the crackdown-ee? Will there be a part II movie? Or is it more likely to be Narcos season 7 on Netflix in a few years?

It’s fact we were there to control the flow of opiates. China flooded the streets w fentanyl in like ‘13 and cut all that profit out so we lost interest and pretty much quit. What was left was the MIC bilking mad money.

Just like the Bush/Clinton crime family flooded the streets w crack in the 80s when we were playing in the jungle.