Another daily game that my friends and I play.

Use the arrows and +/- buttons to get all the numbers to be the same. Kinda fun to try and tie the daily best each day.

Ali9n #112 - 8 moves
:five::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :six::six::six:
:two::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :six::six::six:
:one::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :six::six::six:

Ali9n #112 - 8 moves
:five::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :six::six::six:
:one::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :six::six::six:
:two::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :six::six::six:

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This looks like the devil’s game. As a righteous, virtuous man who takes all signs and symbols with the utmost seriousness they deserve, I am offended by this notion.

I think you might be on to something, today’s was surely devilish.

Ali9n #113 - 11 moves
:six::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :four::four::four:
:four::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :four::four::four:
:one::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :four::four::four:

I can get 11 moves in a couple ways, can’t figure out how to get down to 9.

Ali9n #113 - 11 moves
:six::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :four::four::four:
:three::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :four::four::four:
:two::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :four::four::four:

Ali9n #113 - 11 moves
:nine::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :three::three::three:
:one::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :three::three::three:
:one::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :three::three::three:

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Ali9n #115 - 10 moves
:eight::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :nine::nine::nine:
:two::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :nine::nine::nine:
:zero::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :nine::nine::nine:

Ali9n #116 - 9 moves
:seven::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :two::two::two:
:zero::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :two::two::two:
:two::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :two::two::two:

Oooh global best today

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Today’s is tough!
Ali9n #129 - 19 moves
:one::four::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: :nine::nine::nine:
:zero::one::arrow_up_small::arrow_down_small: :nine::nine::nine:
:zero::four::arrow_backward::arrow_forward: :nine::nine::nine: