Airplane courage

So I haven’t flown since 2019, and riding the airplane is the last normal thing I need to do in order to reintegrate into society, I think.

I’m generally okay with riding the bus as long as it’s not too crowded and I can stand in long lines okay without holding my breath now. I attended one concert and I have another one coming up in September. The last time I got to sit in the aisle so I was okay with that but I’m not sure where exactly I’ll sit this time so hopefully it doesn’t make me panic. But I think I can do it, I’m mostly okay with eating at restaurants now but I do it sparingly.

I will buy airplane tickets this weekend for a 1 hr flight for a family event and I’m not scared of the event, just the flight. I’m feeling mostly good about being able to do it without winding up on the news for doing a public freak out. It’s short, so it should be easy. I think I’m robust enough to handle and recover from a respiratory illness now just in case I catch something.

Yeah, I can do this, yeah…


It’s okay to still wear a mask . That will increase your protection. You may very well be the only one to do so but nobody cares.


Why not just drive?

Oops I Googled, it’s actually 2.5 hrs and I guessed wrong. Driving would take a couple days each way and is more dangerous.

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How does a 2.5 hour flight equal a couple of days of driving?

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I went to Orlando last fall with mask; I went to Vancouver last month no mask. Mask up, wash your hands lots, stay hydrated. :+1:

It’s on a island.

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Denver to LA is 2.5 hour flight and a 15 hour 17 minute drive per the Google. I wouldn’t want to do 15+ hours in one day.

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Don’t watch Hijack until after the flight.

going on vacation with my daughter’s family. Grandson, who is only 5, was expressing anxiety over the flight. Not sure where it all came from.

Anyway, my Son In Law drove the kids to the airport to watch planes take off and land. GS thought it was really cool and is now excited to fly.

Airplanes have MUCH better ventilation systems than busses, although airports may vary a fair amount.


Yeah, a 1 hour flight isn’t worth it. 2.5 hour flight is covering a distance that most people would generally prefer to not drive.

I do that occasionally. Most of the way to Florida, or Prince Edward Island, or moose hunting.

But I like driving, and I like travelling in the car with my spouse. We travel well together.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve flown

I enjoy the time with the spouse, but after 8 hours my back is wrecked, 15 hours and I may never walk again

Fair enough. Both are vehicles are comfortable though. Plus my spouse makes me stop about every 3.5 miles to have a pee.

Relevant, they have a volvo, and the base of the front seats have this pull out extension (makes the base of the seat longer). that makes a huge difference to comfort, having customizable leg support. never seen it in another vehicle that I’ve driven.

Also relevant, that reminds me, the spouse’s car needs new wiper blades and topped up on washer fluid. (makes note for tomorrow).

Serious suggestion: recline the seat ever so slightly. It makes a massive difference in how comfortable you are. The default is so upright it’s very uncomfortable in most cars.

I considered driving because I wanted to view the fall leaves along the way, but then we decided we kind of need to just do the event and come back asap so we’re flying.

Ive been on around 50 flights since COVID and havent caught it. Wore a mask on 40+ of them.

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Is Covid your only concern? If so wearing a mask will reduce your risk to around 0.

Otherwise just knock back a few drinks before you hop in your Uber like the rest of the peasants

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