Adjustable Dumbbells

I am looking at picking up some adjustable dumbbells. I know several people here have talked about building out their home gyms (at least on the AO) so was curious what people have found and any advice on what to look for/avoid?

I’d like to get some, too. I have random sized dumbbells in the house (my wife’s 2-thru-10lbs, 20s, 30s, and 50s), and they take up too much space. (Add in my sons’ predilection of not returning them where they belong…Grrrrr!)

You should probably determine what your max weight need is. That will cut down a lot of options.
(Edited for exact poundages.)

I bought on ebay. Bought a base set that went up to 40lbs each, and then added some additional weights with separate purchases. Ended up being the cheapest way I could find. I believe the dumbbell set was new but the other weights were used.

There are two sizes of bars, I think there’s like a 1inch diameter and an olympic diameter. Make sure the extras weights you might buy would fit.

Bought a 20" Olympic dumbbell bar for my child. Uses same Olympic (2" hole) plates that are also used for curl bar and 7’ bar. $30.

I want these, but the cost is just a little too high.

I have also recently considered buying adjustable dumbbells, so am here to see if you get any interesting recommendations

Just so we are all on the same page, I am talking about adjustable dumbbells where the plates are “part” of the dumbbell like these powerblocks:

Not “adjustable” dumbbells where you buy the dumbbell and plates separately and generally store the plates separately like these

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The top ones are available at my local Dick’s for $350.

Pack big weight into small space with the PowerBlock® 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set. The advanced design reduces clutter and substitutes nine pairs of dumbbells in the space of one. Featuring a patented selector pin for easy adjustment, the set adapts like a selector stack machine you’d see at the gym. With a weight range of 10 to 50 lbs., this compact set allows you to sculpt muscles from the comfort of your home.


  • Adjustable dumbbell set

  • Patented selector pin adjusts weight in seconds like a weight stack machine

  • Space-saving design eliminates workout clutter

  • Has a weight range of 10 to 50 lbs.

  • Replaces 9 pairs of dumbbells in the space of 1

  • Warranty: 15 years

  • PowerBlock ®

  • Brand : PowerBlock

  • Style : 503-00185-01

Note that the stand is a separate $140.

I consider this purchase a deep commitment to the home gym. (Also, in the “extravagant” category, though I am considering it. I don’t do any additional dumbbell-type exercises in my current regimen, but I’d work them in if I had this.)

I have had my eyes on these - pricier than those you found at Dicks, but they are also adjustable up to 71.5lb

Yeah, that would be a waste of money for me. YMMV, of course.

I’ve had the Bowflex version for about 5 years. Lots of use and lots of changing weights with no issues. They go up to 52.5lbs with a mix of 2.5 and 5lb increments. 2.5lbs from 5-25lbs, then 5lb increments to 50lb before finally hitting 52.5lb. The ocd in me likes the big to small weight shape of the dumbbells.

One gripe is the size, especially length, can be an issue for some exercises where the dumbbell goes close to the body or reduces range of motion because the end hits. They have to be long to fit all the small weights on there.

I can’t picture what I’d used a sub-50# dumbbell for other than shoulder raises.

I used some 30’s and 40’s for DB curl warmups this weekend. And used a 50 as part of my goblet squat warmup.

dumbbells aren’t comfy.

And adjustable barbell might be more useful for me.

never sniffed 40lb for dumbbell curves. I’m just a casual

I don’t use them often. I do hammer curls every now and again. I do sets of 5 using 50, 55, 60. Normally I use the barbell for curls.

Woot has a deal on these today: PowerBlock Elite EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Woot selling these again.
PowerBlock Elite USA Stage 1, 2, or 3?

$299 for a pair of 5-50lb weights
$139 for a pair of 50-70lb extensions
$139 for a pair of 70-90lb extensions