Add Tac Toe (for those with kids)

Some of you know me as I have posted about other apps I have created here before. I have released a new Math IOS app called Add Tac Toe which has a math tic tac toe game and flash cards. It has no in app purchases or ads. I am offering it for free for a a few days to make sure I iron out any bugs that I didn’t find in testing. I will shortly charge a small amount for the app although anyone downloading previously will be able to keep it for free. I would appreciate any feedback from you or your kids. Would also appreciate any 5 star ratings or reviews on the App Store as they really help in rankings. Feel free to send the link to anyone you know that has kids. Thanks.

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Apple only?

Unfortunately, yes. Apple only. As I am an actuary by profession, app making is just a hobby. I picked up Swift but no Kotlin or Java yet to be able to make it for android. If it becomes self supportive enough to hire a programmer or for me to invest the time to learn, then I will release an android version.

but then i would have to pay for it

If I make an android version, I will be sure to give a free intro period here too😊

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I am starting to see the downloads come in in numbers. Please let me know if you have any issues with app. Thanks again.