ActuaryFellow Practice Exam 9 bundle($195 Value) Giveaway to First 30 Students


Hope your study is going well. Our supplemental study site is officially live and administers all past CAS exams and practice exams in CBT setting.

The FIRST 30 students signing up will get FREE access to Exam 9 practice exam bundles ($195 value):
3 ActuaryFellow practice exams plus all past CAS exam question from 2000-2019) all in one place.

Leave a message below OR sign up directly on our site: Actuary Fellow (
Full access will be granted within 1 days upon sign-up.

Hi, is this still available? I would like to get one.

Ooo, very interesting. I’m curious if this is still available as well?

I’m interested in this as well.

I am also interested

Hi im interested as well.

would like to get access as well. Thanks!

Did anyone actually get access?

Has anyone used this yet? Any feedback on it? Does it compare well with the actual Pearson exam environment?


I had a look at the website when they posted. Never heard of them, there’s 0 details on their website. No people, no address, no info, no nothing.

@ActuaryFellow, I’m interested if this is still available

For those looking at this website, be aware that it’s exhibiting signs of being shady af. You take your chances on this one. They’re incompetent or worse. I’ll leave the thread up on the assumption that it’s just incompetence, but be cautious before you give anyone money.