ActuaryFellow & Fox Seminars Joint Exam 9 Online Course and Manual for 2022 Sitting

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ActuaryFellow and Fox Seminars are offering Joint Online Course and Study Manual for 2022 sitting(

Supplemental study materials are also available for purchase on

  • Fox flashcard online study tool with bookmarking feature (Demo)
  • Fox practice problem set on CBT (Demo)
  • 3 ActuaryFellow practice exams on CBT (Demo)

Please try out our all-in-one Demo:

 **Key features**
       - Comprehensive chapter summary 
       - Lesson Quiz
       - All CAS past exams, practice problems, practice exams are delivered on CBT format on 
         central place([](
       - bitesize video less (<10mins)
       - extensive problem sets and Bloomy practice exams

Main Site:
Supplemental Study Tool:
Student Forum:

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If this’s your first time taking exam, hope the following introduction video on the exam syllabus helps you planning for your study.