ActuaryFellow and Fox's Seminars Joint Online Seminar / Study Manual - Available Now

ActuaryFellow and Fox Seminars Joint Online Seminar/Study Manual Package on Exam 9 are available for the Spring 2021 sitting!

Before you start your study, watch our introduction video to get a better idea of the syllabus and what to expect on the exam:
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The Study Manual package includes the following:

  • Concise and comprehensive summary for each paper
  • Key concepts quiz for each paper
  • Hundreds of solved problems from past exams organized by each paper
  • Flashcards Online Study Tool
    Check Out Our Demo:
  • Fox Core Math Procedures: an original, comprehensive set of practice problems and solutions
    (available in PDFs and Excel)
  • 3 full-length practice exams including integrative questions 
    in Excel CBT Format
  • Online discussion forum
  • Instructor email support

In addition to the above, the joint online seminar will include the following items:

  • Short video lesson(<10 mins each) on key topics
  • Video solution on Fox’s Math Procedure (Sample Video)
    (will be uploaded from now through March)

We will continue our charitable initiative from last year and donate a portion of your revenues to charities chosen by our students.

In 2020 we donated over $3,000 in total to the following charities:

  • Mask Supplies to NY Presbyterian Hospital(Pic 1, Pic 2): 45%
  • NYS Covid Fund (NYS appreciation Letter): 27%
  • Macaulay Honors College: 18%
  • PPE to NYC: 9%
  • Harvesters: 1%

Happy studying!