Actuary and Actuarial Analyst - software - Remote

Montoux is hiring for 2 roles, Actuary and Actuarial Analyst, both in relation to delivering customer value through the software.

Actuary: product team, working to develop capacities for valuation and automation systems in an actuarial context - Actuary - Montoux Limited

Actuarial Analyst: customer success team, working to apply platform capabilities to specific customer needs - Actuarial Analyst - Montoux Limited

The salary range is approximately USD$80,0000 - $120,000

Please, closer to the 800000 end please!!!

Pretty cool that they’re upfront with the range right in the job listing. Normally that’s like trump-level top secret.

So…something you can find at home?

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:lolup: I didn’t notice the typo! Talk about number blindness.

Yeah, this is a thing that’s unfortunate about salary “negotiations”.

i wrote a blog article about this a while ago. I think there’s a better way to do it.

No apologies for not having pretty pictures embedded. You’re all numbers nerds, you probably don’t care about the pictures anyway.