Actuarial Swag

Sadly I am at the point where I don’t have a lot of pride in my midriff. :wink:

When I was younger I was all over the crop tops… but I had the tummy to pull it off.

I have a set of SOA coasters. I’m using one right now!

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Reminds me: Dammit Dan, go study.

You’re not wrong, exam in < 3 weeks!

Just got an e-mail from the SOA that I got points toward 2020 swag!!! :gift:


I asked for another fleece:

I have had a few bits and pieces of actuarial swag over the years. One time I was one of the winners of the puzzle in “The Actuary” magazine and got a Tshirt for my efforts. I used it for painting after a while, and imagine it is in the landfill. I used to have a CAS tshirt, but I imagine it met the same fate

I’m jealous

I am wearing my too-short SOA shirt today because I am behind on laundry. Here’s hoping no one has to catch a glimpse of my belly today. It’s kind of stressful wearing this shirt, which fits great in every dimension except length.

I didn’t have enough points for the fleece. :pleading_face:

I book and schedule the continuing education at my company. I got some points!

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Yeah, I got the shirt a year when I proctored several exams. I don’t get enough points for anything these days as my excellent proctoring skills are no longer in demand.

pics or it didn’t happen :wink: :wink:

I did! I had 51 points. Ordered the Men’s quarter-zip. Is it a fleece? Or just a pullover?

I think they’re pullovers, with a short zippers. I think I got a version of this last year (or something) and ended up giving it to one of my kids.

CAS has to up its game, what’s all this points and you get swag??? sign me up!

It looks like a pullover.

I think Ima go with the insulated bevvie container. :beer: :wine_glass: :tropical_drink:

it’s swag to be in CAS in the first place, no need to earn points

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Dammit, Dan!! And dammit, John S. Mill!!!

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