Actuarial Swag

Does the CAS sell clothes?

I have a facemask with the symbol from my university but it struck me I’m a lot more proud of hopefully soon becoming FCAS than graduating college. Would be cool to have CAS swag.

ain’t nobody flaunting that

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I have TWO SOA lapel pins; I could lend you one!!! :tophat:

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I’ve got plenty of actuarial swag!

I’ve only paid with time (well, and grading exams, editing newsletters, etc.) None of it is CAS, though.

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You’ll see, I’ll be over here posting my CAS facemask and you’ll be jelly

Yeah that’s what I’m wondering, probably a big incentive to get volunteering once finished with exams :laughing:

They have a black Friday sale each year so check then

Not really. I think of all the SOA-specific swag I’ve gotten over the years, two have turned out to be good: a Trust Me, I’m an Actuary tshirt and a fleece zip-up. I still wear both.

I just gave away the airpods to one of my kids, because they bug me. I hate sticking things in my ears

I have some CAS mugs, lanyards, a bottle opener, and some other odds and ends. I use the mugs.

I have a size Large SOA polo that is ridiculously short. Shorter than all of my size Medium shirts.

Since I couldn’t try it on, I ordered a size up “just to be safe” and it’s still too small. Well, too short anyway. It fits fine in every other dimension.

Should we do swag here? I feel like nah.

Maybe in a year or two

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Could be a real market opening, not so easy to represent actuarial when I’m out and about

turn it into a crop top and go to gay pride with it

Sadly I am at the point where I don’t have a lot of pride in my midriff. :wink:

When I was younger I was all over the crop tops… but I had the tummy to pull it off.

I have a set of SOA coasters. I’m using one right now!

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Reminds me: Dammit Dan, go study.

You’re not wrong, exam in < 3 weeks!

Just got an e-mail from the SOA that I got points toward 2020 swag!!! :gift:


I asked for another fleece: