Actuarial Review - Pages are not in order

I just got my actuarial review magazine. The pages are completely out of order. Is it supposed to be this way? It goes from page 8 to page 15…

Perhaps some of the pages have their number discounted to PV while others didn’t?


Nope I was reading the President message and then had to flip a lot of pages to find the next page because everything was out of order. It is all over the place.

Looks like you got the Abby Normal version. Maybe you should save it as a collector’s item and sell it on ebay. It could go down as the actuarial version of the double die penny and upside-down airplane stamp!

Hmm my friends also got one completely out of order… So you have page 9 after page 8?

I interpreted the cover story praising the volunteers as a passive message hinting that they need more of them.

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Understatement of the (new) year.

Well come on already - these exams don’t grade themselves! Probably tougher to find volunteers this year since no Vegas trip, though personally I see it as a plus since I’ve been there done that and not having to travel works for me.

Only the unicorns the CAS is seeking got a copy of the AR with pages in order.

Draw your conclusions about your value accordingly.