Action Castle Style games - interest thread

I recently purchased a bunch of Action Castle style games. I was thinking it would be fun to run one of those on here.

For those unfamiliar, these games are the old text adventure games, but I take the place of the computer parser.

Are you guys interested? Action Castle and Z-Ward were played on the AO, but it’s been a while. I also have Action Castle 2 and 3 we can play later, along with 7 more that aren’t listed here.

Which Game do you want to play?
  • Action Castle
  • Z-Ward
  • Spooky Manor
  • Any of the above!

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I had to look this up to make sure it was what I thought it was when you said text based adventure. I didn’t play on the AO, but am interested.


I’ll probably get this started in early December.

Thinking of running another one of these. We ran Spooky Manor last December and I had fun. Probably going to do Action Castle because then eventually we can do Action Castle II and III.
I might start in a couple of weeks once I’m caught up on the daily puzzle calendar and get some things taken care of at work.

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Maybe. I like games, although I that might require more paying attention than I’m up for. Secret [Hitler] is more than I can handle.

The text adventure games aren’t turn based - so if you step away, no one is waiting on you. You do better if you follow along the entire time, but you can definitely contribute even if you haven’t. Just harder to put together clues from different rooms/areas if you don’t remember things from earlier in the game.

Or just randomly turn up and kick a werewolf in the balls. It’s all good.

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I’ve started Action Castle I. It’s a relatively short game, but if we enjoy it I also have II and III.

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:scream: It’s been a year since we did one of these! Once VA’s Secret Hitler game is over I’ll start one up again. Any preferences for Action Castle II or an unrelated one?

I’m going to run Action Castle II, probably starting this afternoon. I just reread Action Castle I to prep, and I had some pretty good laughs. You guys are hilarious!