Action Castle I - A Text Adventure Game

\color{dodgerblue}\Huge\text{Welcome to Action Castle!}

The Rules

This game is based on the old text adventure games. In this case, a moderator takes the place of the parser.

All moves/commands must be bolded. Unbolded text will be ignored at the parser’s discretion.

There are no turns, and no official player list. When you have a move you want to try, jump in and try it. If you feel like you’re hogging all of the fun, then step back and let other people make some moves!

Some sample commands are

Go east
Hit troll with stick
Examine book

Silly commands such as Slay all before me can be used, and are in fact encouraged. Note that these will often result in death. Save early and often!

Prior Games:


reserved just in case

You are standing in a small cottage. There is a fishing pole here. A door leads outside.

Examine fishing pole

You see a simple fishing pole.

Your post wasn’t bolded, but I took it anyways. It’s Friday and I’m bored!

Look around for anything else in the cottage besides my simple fishing pole

It’s a simple cottage. A door, a nice window, and some furniture. Looks like you could take a nice nap on that bed. You don’t see anything else in the cottage that you would want to take with you.

Take Fishing Pole

You now have a fishing pole!

Look under the bed

You can’t look under there! What if there are monsters??
Steeling yourself anyways, you cautiously peek under the bed. Unfortunately you only see dust bunnies and some dirty clothes you shoved under there because you’re too lazy to clean them.

Look out the nice window

You look out the nice window. It’s so beautiful outside! Maybe you should go experience the nice day for yourself.

Go outside

Check that I’m clothed

You go outside. You’re on a lush garden path that leads north and south. There is a rosebush here. There is a cottage here. Exits are North, South, Enter (the cottage)

You look down and double check that you’re wearing pants. Phew, crisis averted, you are wearing pants! You can’t afford to get caught in public naked again.

Stop and smell the roses

You stop and look at the rosebush. You see a single red rose and bend over to smell it. It smells wonderful!