ACHS Spring 2022 Meeting

Back in Hartford! In person! May 10!

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U.S. Mortality Trends Through the Pandemic – COVID and non-COVID
From March 2020 and continuing through 2022, mortality trends have taken a wild ride in the U.S. In this session, we will trace some of the changes in mortality through various dimensions, by time, age groups, and cause of death. Of course, the main driver of mortality changes has been COVID, causing the highest increases in mortality rates seen since the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. However, there have been several other causes of death that have seen outsized effects through the pandemic, some of which may be due to lack of treatment during prioritizing COVID, some of which may be due to other effects of lockdown and other pandemic policies, and others which may persist even after COVID effects wane.

Mary Pat Campbell, FSA, MAAA

Mary Pat Campbell, FSA, MAAA is VP, Insurance Research at Conning in Hartford. She covers trends in life insurance, reinsurance, capital and investments of U.S. insurers. In addition, she is active in the Society of Actuaries in the Emerging Topics Community (join us at the hub!) and as a volunteer for the American Academy of Actuaries in the Data Science and Analytics Committee. She will link to anybody in the profession, so feel free to send an invite:

Yes, I’m coordinating with the earlier session on group mortality; I’m trying not to overlap too much

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When : Tuesday, May 10th

Location : Connecticut Convention Center
Price :
Early bird registration until April 10th - $225
Regular registration until April 27th - $250
Regulators, college students, retired, and between employment opportunities: $100

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Oh no! I speak for free online all the time!

Maybe I can do a live event later this year. Let’s pick a topic.


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I’m annoyed I’m up against the ASOP 4 session… I wanted to see that one!

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