ACAS application

I was filling out the ACAS application form and came across a part where I have to put whether I am complying with the Cont Ed. requirement. Anyone here know what needs to be put here for someone just becoming ACAS?

I think they told me at my course on professionalism that new members were supposed to comply, but I don’t remember for sure so better to ask someone at the CAS or AAA. In any case, I think I had the hours that year.

You surely have the hours from studying for exams, it is just a case of whether you have the organized hours or not I guess. Did you do 6 hours of educational stuff with other organizations (CAS meetings, regional meetings, webinars or conferences with not just your company, course on professionalism, remembering 1 CE hour = 50 real minutes)? If so it is easy because you complied (assuming you have professionalism hours from studying or the course on professionalism). If not I guess it’s trickier. I assume they’re asking about hours in 2021, for work done in 2022, but it isn’t clear.