About the Transgender Discussion Group category

This group is intended for interested people to ask questions and learn about issues that the trans community and Mountainhawk personally face.


I think I’ve successfully moved the ‘messages’ into posts into this forum, which hopefully make it easier for people on mobile to see them. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

Ok - I believe I have it set up so that anyone can view this Category - but only members of the Group can post in it.

You might want to put the Group invite here as well.

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Invite link to be able to post in this section:


@Serena When you get a chance, can you refresh the invite? It seems to have expired.

Hmm. I changed the setting but I don’t know how to un-expire the original invite. @SpaceLobster ???

Working on it. It may take a bit, whatever the problem is it’s not obvious.

Thanks. I can manually add people to the group until it’s fixed.