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Please keep language clean

  1. Could we get more details about this?

  2. What words are not allowed or will get auto-*******'d?

  3. Are there topics that will always be deleted?


Note: that “listicle” icon doesn’t work that well. Tried numbering after typing, then clicked each one, but each one came up as “1.”

The site can either block words (prevent posting) or censor them (***). Right now, there’s nothing. T may update this later.

I’m not clear on what the listicle icon is, can you elaborate please?

On the edit bar, there is an icon/button to make a numbered list or a bullet-point list.


  • blah
  • blah2
  • blah3
    Looks like the bullet-point works:
  • type in list;
  • highlight;
  • click bullet-point icon.
  1. blah
  2. blah2
  3. blah3
    Looks like the numbered list works.
  4. type in list;
  5. highlight;
  6. click number-list icon.

But, with both of these, you have to type your whole list in. Can’t add more afterward (as you can in Microsoft programs like Outlook and Word).
If you need to add more afterward, you’ll have to:

  1. unlist/unpoint what you’ve done;
  2. highlight all;
  3. then click the point icon.

Yeah, numbered lists are necessary in an actuarial forum.

huh: my typed-then-numbered post had 1, 2, 3. not 4, 5, 6
huh2: it’s now fixed. after I bolded it.
huh3: now that I unbolded it, it’s back to 4, 5, 6.

The Obligatory Carlin Test:

edit: OK no censored words…yet.
Will have to accept middle-America’s family values one day.

You can, it’s just perhaps a bit nonintuitive.
First, type in your list. Highlight it, click the list icon. Results:

  1. Thing 1
  2. Thing 2

To add an item, type the new item into the list. Then highlight the whole list and click the list icon twice (off, then back on again.

  1. Thing 1
  2. Thing 1a
  3. Thing 2

Yeah, it doesn’t work nice like word. You should be able to hit enter after a list item and have it insert a new item or bullet point.

What’s the take on borderline swear words, like “damn”, “hell”, and “bitch” (like for complaining)?

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I shall oblige