About my career path

I got an actuarial science bachelor’s degree a few years ago in the US. But I am from an asian country and I didn’t utilize OPT after graduating. I was doing other things. I started working in my country as an actuarial modeler in a consulting company earlier this year. I like my job but i am not planning on staying in my current company forever.

I want to continue to work as a consultant but there are no other companies in my country where i can work as a modeler/consultant. I am still studying for ASA/FSA. Do you think it’s possible for me to later work in the US as a consultant/modeler? What would be your advice to increase the possibility? My company takes modeling projects of other asian countries of IFRS17/solvencyII/MCEV. Would these things help?

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It might be easier to go to some international branches first. Singapore, Malaysia, HK, etc. And then move to the headquarters (within the company) in the US with that experience.
It should be even easier with life insurance since those are big in Asia.