ABCD - EF Gee, I need five character for a title

When discussing Amy Cooper there was a great deal of discussion of General ABCD actions. The attached doesn’t name names but gives a good idea of how many of each level of complaint they get.

Including historical counts

One person had a one year suspension in 2020

As for Cooper I see nothing since Rallis statements last summer. I assume there is rarely a public announcement if no action. But purposefully made this an ABCD discussion and did not put it in the Amy Cooper thread

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While not the point of this thread — jeez, does the ABCD have a diversity issue or what?

or maybe precisely the point when discussing someone like Amy Cooper

Based on my assumption of SOA make-up, not shocked no POC
Not shocked all fairly mature (But don’t think any are under 65 yo)
Would expect four or more women
Would expect at least two Asian people
Two Jews (presumed) so good there


I would expect the ABCD to lean old. I feel like that’s a function for experienced people, and perhaps for people who have retired from general practice.

But it does look awfully white.

The two women are a health actuary and a p&c actuary, fwiw.

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Actuaries | Data USA.

will add I assume demographics of POC and Asian is an even lower percentage if the board will be older and experienced.

So I looked up the person, and noticed something:

They had to be clear that there are two actuaries w/ the same first & last name in New York, and had to specify that one person WASN’T the actuary being disciplined (I know the one who wasn’t, not the one who was.)

I do know one of the actuaries listed

Cool link!

Old because I think it’s a job for someone with a lot of experience. Retired because I suspect it’s an enormous time-sink, and has somewhat real, and somewhat unpredictable, deadlines, and it would be hard to juggle with a regular full-time job.


The “why” was to JM’s 50% Asian