ABCD Annual Report 2021

Let’s see what’s inside…

Tempting to make a graph for the last one.

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Would be interesting to see a # of cases per credentialed actuary to see if that accounts for the increase in cases.


Now we’re actuarializing

Maybe we can get a nice settlement rate triangle going with different reports

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Can we get an estimate for cases that were incurred but have not yet been reported?


Has there been any tort reform we should adjust for!?

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or ABCD guidance reform

re: complaints, etc.

Of course, when we see cases of public discipline, etc., most of the ones we’re going to see are for consultants, for obvious reasons.

I wonder how many of the requests for guidance are coming from insurance company actuaries vs. consultants.

Be interesting to see a split for the “seek guidance” between P&C, L/H, pensions, all others; and tie that to effective dates of new/updated ASOPs.

Doesn’t appear that anyone disciplined by the ABCD was from the CAS. Their latest report says there’s no pending cases, and the one new case that was mentioned says this:

I mean, we were all upset about the AO flaming out, but …

So… this isn’t the U.S., and I just saw the stuff involved was deleted. Somebody was asked to remove a meme about actuarial exams (relating to UK) on LinkedIn.

And hilariously, it was while the SOA was running an actuarial meme contest.

More here:

This is the meme they asked him to remove from both Twitter and LinkedIn:

and you can see the SOA meme contest winners here: