A new age has come!

I just canceled my comcast/xfiniti internet service completely through chat service on their app. The whole thing took like 5 minutes while I was watching TV.

Every service provider/customer service should have this. NO MORE PHONE CALLS.
The nightmare is no more!!


I have had much worst luck with such chat apps. Usually it just wasted their and my time and ends with me calling and giving the same info I already gave in chat.

Chat bots have all the time in the world.

User name checks out.

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If the issue is “this doesn’t work”, the best you can hope for from a chat bot is to eventually connect you to a human. But for anything where “press 1 for this, 2 for that …” would eventually have, with great pain, gotten you to the right outcome, a chat bot can be a less annoying interface.

I’ve had a couple of constructive exchanges with chatbots recently. I even picked a chatbot now over waiting for a human recently. I had purchased a copy of “home and student MS office” for a new laptop, and couldn’t find the right place to set that up. The chatbot pointed me to the right link in one try.

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