A Minor Point

So, I heard the comments that Whites will become a minority in the US

If a group is the Plurality, but not a Majority, does that make them a Minority?
Therefore is there is no majority, everyone is a minority?

Not to get political, but I feel many white people feel like there are whites and non-whites, so THEY outnumber us, even though THEY are not a homogenous group.

I dunno, but this trend can easily be stalled by changing the definition of white and including more people in the group, as has been done historically.

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Technically I would think that any group that is less than 50% would be a minority. But to avoid confusion I think it would be vastly more responsible to refer to the largest group of sub-fifty-percenters as the plurality if there is no majority.

So you could say that non-Hispanic whites are a minority of Californians. That would be accurate in that non-whites are a majority.

But it would be better to say that non-Hispanic whites are a plurality of Californians, which makes it clear that while they’re not the majority, they are still the largest group of Californians.

Sort of like calling a square a rectangle. It’s technically accurate. Squares are rectangles. But it’s needlessly vague in most circumstances.

This may be what actually happens.

Yeah, hardly anyone cares about Irish vs German vs Italian vs … anymore, but it was a big deal way back when.

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I can’t wait to be white!!!

Yeah, I remember when my dad told me all the slang derogatory terms for them. I had no idea at that point in my life.

I think given no majority the largest group would be called plurality and the rest would be minorities. The plurality would not be a minority or a majority.

I think the next “white” may be “native speaker of American English” (probably still excluding American Blacks, because, you know, umm… actually, i don’t know, but whatever.)

I’ve already seen job ads that ask for that.

Sheesh, you’d think they’d bury it in something slightly more nuanced and easier to defend like “verbal communication”… which is a bona fide job requirement in some cases.

Oh, they did. But they may have been as explicit as requiring verbal communication without an accent. I remember being surprised by it.

I can do that.
Color, eh.

Dammit. that last bit slipped out.

Most Americans have an accent. Mid-west, NO, NY, Southern, New England

Yes, “accent” is completely subjective. That’s kind of the point…

It wouldn’t surprise me if at least large chunks of latinos/hispanics become white over the next 50 years. Particularly as they intermarry with other groups within the US.