A bunch of people follow a Senator into a bathroom

They just wanted to talk to her and express how unhappy they were with her holding up their desired legislation, because letter writing and phone calling and e-mails weren’t enough. Or, this was easier. Or, some shit like that.

But, it’s apparently OK, because … reasons.

If she didn’t want to be bothered she shouldn’t go to the bathroom.

But seriously as much as I dislike her position and her taking a boatload of pharmaceutical money to obstruct the Dem agenda, follow her into a bathroom to harass her is messed up.


To post on social media.

Just add it to the list of reasons social media is killing democracy.


I mean, are those people trans? Because that would be the concern right?


I find it honestly surprising that more of our senators and congress people haven’t been murdered.

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As if the next one will be better.

Issue now is that no one is smart enough to keep their mouths shut and just do it. No, they have to post shit on the internet about how they’re gonna kill someone. That attracts attention, people!
Learn from history (or the movies), folks The last one suspected is the quiet but friendly neighbor!!

Or presidents. Especially the recent ones. You’d think every president would be murdered before inauguration with how divided our country is and how vocal everyone is online.

This just proves that America is full people that are all talk.