7 weeks out to LTAM, where you at?

I’m waiting until the last minute to register just in case I’m not able to confidently study. I’m fortunate in that I don’t need to pass exams in a specific timeframe.
Currently done chapters 1-8 for the most part. I’ve seen 9-11 in school IIRC so I’m not learning them fresh (though it’s been a couple of years). So that leaves 13/19 and the loss models (though I may have also seen the loss models material before).

I’m using the text to study.
I’m doing each example as I go through the materail.
Once I’m done my review, I’ll make a comprehensive set of notes.
Then I’ll do the example questions in the text again.
That should take me the next three weeks. For the last month:
Then I’m going to go through the past SOA exams.
Then I’m going to go through Professor O’s youtube questions on LTAM.
If there’s still time, I’ll buy a commercial package of test questions.

You’re already 7-8 chapters ahead of where I would have been if I was studying. Well done.