42 thread

I’ve donated whole blood 42 times.


I’m more of a 2% blood fan…


143 times - including platelets.

I do need to make an appointment, haven’t donated since November

Haven’t been able to donate due to semester in London making me a mad cow risk. They used to make 6 months the cutoff but when they shortened it to 3 I stopped giving. I would figure that if I don’t have mad cow by now I should be… MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

never mind


Current audiobook stated the incidence of autism spectrum disorder is now 1 in 42 for boys.

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42 minutes until midnight. Much more than 42 minutes since I should have gone to sleep.

So I was reading an article that the red cross is removing that requirement. If people had tried to give but were deferred in the past, they are going through all of those and notifying them that they are eligible again, but it could take a few months to un-defer everyone.

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Including today, 42 days left in the year.