403(b) and/or 457(b)

Assuming the employer offers the same investment offerings and charges the same fees in both, does it make sense to get the max match in the 403(b) and put the rest in 457(b) to take advantage of 457(b) greater withdrawal options?

I am not an expert in anything. I don’t even know what a 457(b) is. Regardless, let me tell you my considerations. If it would create too much of a headache to track and manage two accounts or would somehow become a bother I would lean away from having two accounts. However, if those greater withdrawal options were important/valuable to me, then I would consider it.

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I’ve never fully read up on 457(b) plans, since I haven’t had access to one, but everything I’ve read in passing seems to point to the strategy you outline as being a great one.

It’s also my understanding that the contribution limits are not overlapping, so you can save a bunch of $ if you’re into that kind of thing. That’s up to $39K of tax advantaged space for this year.

Yes. Ideally you max both out but until then this is fine