24-25 FAFSA changes

Just realizing they removed sibling discount. Since i will have 3 in school for 24-25 thru 27-28, ouch. They did say schools can still factor that in, but i doubt many will.

Assuming they ever release the form? (Or did it come out and i missed it?)

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Out yesterday but it has “issues”.


I feel this so hard.

The bonus kids are utterly freaked out about this, since they’ll have to fill it out for the first time. [Because, POS mom always did it before.] They’re going to be independent [both parents are dead] and they have nothing for assets [maybe $30 in their name, in a checking account Mrs. Hoffman is co-named on], so it’s not like they’re going to have to do a ton of work filling it out once we have their W-2s, but I think it’s the general anxiety of having to do something on their own + something that involves money that’s driving them nuts.

Just make sure that anything you give them is not traceable.

Tried to do this the other day and system wasn’t working, put a reminder to do it this coming Saturday.

Hopefully only 2 more of these to ever fill out.

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for my form: me and mrs F are married and file jointly.

I think only one of us needs to sign up w an account and enter the combined financial info, right?

I think that’s right.

After some brief research online, it looks like my only option to prepare for the fasfa in a few years is to pay off my mortgage and replace aging cars to reduce reportable assets. Are there asset thresholds to target? What are the potential benefits?

Id rather not prepay off a 3% mortgage or drop 50k+ on new cars if i don’t have to, but i will have two 15+ year old vehicles in the house at that point that the kids will have abused for a few years, so not an unreasonable idea and something that will be needed at some point anyway.

You could make less money.

There is always a chance that happens.

Daughter got a email from her school saying wait til February to file.

It also said if you did get through the bugs a filed already that was fine too.

submitted. formality - i suspect $0 in offered aid. maybe unsub loans we won’t take

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new wrinkle i did NOT pay attention to is a CSS profile. some of the schools littlest frazier applied to require that too. i firmly suspect it will be effort without reward, so I am balancing the effort of calling all the schools and begging out of this form against just filling the damn thing in

finaly filled in the CSS profile. I suspect it will bring me what I expected. One hour totally wasted and i don’t know if I got the answers right.

that said, I am fortunate to know how that form will turn out. just wish the schools gave you a more clear option to just skip it. or skip it unless the individual schools ask for it to be filled in (like if they think the fafsa puts us in a gray area).

nb for others - fill it in before your annual bonus is paid out. they ask what you have on hand for cash and I look like a baller for a week or two.

Gift that keeps giving - as soon as the CSS profile was submitted, we got a new email saying one or more of the schools on the list also want us to upload documents (like W2 and others) to validate the numbers we entered.

we don’t know which school or if they have admitted the kid yet. so calling to find out who it is and if it really matters. I am not inclined to share the info requested (I don’t know which docs or info they want in total or where this will end) without knowing that it matters.

I find this part of the process difficult to comply with. I have it really easy as a family structure and can imagine a lot of applicants where the ongoing requests for info are a hurdle too far or complicated for the families to finish. which means these schools (mostly private) are really hostile to such applicants.

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The biggest issue we had was logging in with my ID as parent since in the past my wife just logged in as kid and we could simply import tax stuff. I think I had to set up a new ID which wasn’t hard, but was a bit irksome. But we had to pull up a copy of last year’s return to get some info. It was still a hassle and I could see others getting frustrated.

We did not need to upload additional data but daughter has a 4 year package at her school that doesn’t go down and the FAFSA is mostly a formality of checking off the box that we did it for the school since we ain’t getting need based additional funds.

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